Jenise La Vonne Walters is an award winning gospel singer/songwriter from Queens, NY. Jenise started off in music at the age of 11, writing her first songs and singing in various churches throughout the United States.

In 2010 Jenise toured Europe with John David Bratton and the New York City Mass choir, broadening her perspective on ministry throughout the world. After working with several producers, and managers, Jenise met and began working with Tarence Farrell, a Queens producer and owner of Levite Music. Together they wrote and recorded her debut EP entitled The Call which was released June 5, 2015.

March of 2016 Jenise released a book of poems, reflections, and lyrics, serving as a companion piece to her debut EP.

Jenise’s other passions lie in teaching and educating young women through biblical teachings and ethics. It is her desire to reestablish a healthy image of every day female role models and mentors. Sitting on panels, participating in speaking engagements, singing engagements, and the writings from her blog have all garnered the attention of church leaders, music industry executives, radio personalities, and other bloggers, viewing her as a highly respected individual and resource in her areas of expertise.

Jenise is the daughter of pastor, author, and songwriter Bishop Steve Walters, and community advocate, missionary, and women’s empowerment coach, Mother Sharon Walters. Born and raised in an apostolic home, Jenise is, above all things a child and servant of God, driven to bring glory and honor to His name.

Jenise debuted her latest creative venture, The Gospel Underground Podcast, an independent gospel music focused show which is available on iTunes & SoundCloud.

Facebook, IG, Twitter: @JeniseLaVonne

Fun Facts:

Favorite Movie? Little Shop of Horrors & The Five Heartbeats

Favorite Color? PURPLE

Siblings? Yes. One brother, one sister and I’m the youngest

Favorite food? Whatever I’m currently cooking

Favorite place you’ve visited? Germany. It was winter and bitter cold but so beautiful

Celeb Crush? I like obscure men, so that means I’m not saying because then he won’t be as obscure anymore right? Lol

Guilty pleasure? Baked chocolate chip cookies (with the oven taste) and BBWLA

Favorite Song? More than anything by Lamar Campbell and Spirit of Praise

Dream Collaboration? Fred Hammond and Vickie Winans

Pet Peeve? Dishonesty, and someone’s feet touching mine